Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Wiki

Vehicles that use this Engine[]

Parts Required for the V8 OHV MAG Engine[]

Part Name Per/Rep Amount
Air Filter (V8 OHV F) 1
Air Filter Base (V8 OHV F) R 1
Air Filter Cover (V8 OHV D) R 1
Alternator (I6 B) $R 1
Arm A (V8 OHV C) R 1
Arm B (V8 OHV C) R 1
Battery R 1
Cam Gear (V8 OHV) 1
Camshaft (V8 OHV C) $R 1
Carburetor (V8 OHV F) $R 1
Clip B R 2
Crankshaft (V8 OHV C) R 1
Crankshaft Bearing Cap R 3
Crankshaft Pulley (V8 OHV) 1
Engine Block (V8 OHV C) R 1
Engine Head A (V8 OHV D) R 2
Engine Head B (V8 OHV D) R 2
Engine Head Cover A (V8 OHV D) R 1
Engine Head Cover B (V8 OHV D) R 1
Exhaust Manifold (V8 OHV D) $R 2
Fuel Filter $R 1
Fuel Pump $R 1
Fuel Tank 1
Ignition Coil B $R 1
Ignition Distributor $R 1
Ignition Distributor Cap $R 1
Ignition Distributor Rotor $R 1
Ignition Wires (V8 OHV D) 1
Intake Manifold (V8 OHV D) R 1
Oil Filter (V8) 1
Oil Pan (V8 OHV C) R 1
Piston Rings 8
Piston With Conrod $ 8
Power Steering Pump (V8 OHV F) $R 1
Radiator C R 1
Radiator Fan B R 1
Rocker Arms (V8 OHV D) R 2
Rod Cap R 8
Serpentine Belt A (V8 OHV C) 1
Serpentine Belt B (V8 OHV C) 1
Spark Plug $ 8
Starter (V8) R 1
Timing Chain (V8 OHV F) R 1
Timing Cover (V8 OHV C) R 1
Valve Push Rod (V8 OHV F) 16
Water Pump (V8 OHV C) R 1
Water Pump Pulley 1